Artist Interview: “Looking Up” by RavenRain

Q: “Looking Up” has a great sound! Was there any music or specific artists that inspired you to write it? 

RAVENRAIN: I wouldn’t say a specific artist, however I wanted to create what it could describe as a summer song but with a very empowering message behind it.

Q: What is your greatest joy of being a musician?

RAVENRAIN: Being able to freely express myself. As a creative person, I have thousands of thoughts or ideas that pop into my head every few seconds and it gets extremely chaotic, sometimes I talk gibberish no matter which language I’m speaking ahahah. Music allows me to re-organised my thoughts and feelings, in a way that I can express myself (as I’ve already said) and also I can connect with the listeners. I also think the main joy of being a musician is to help and empower people all over the world with my music.

Q: “Looking Up” is such a strong and inspirational song. Was there something that you went through that influenced its message?

RAVENRAIN: Yes, absolutely. Looking up, and some of my upcoming releases, are fully based on personal experiences. Since I began my journey career I had to deal with people that didn’t really believe in me, or that when I was talking about my dream they weren’t supportive at all or weren’t listening to me. And it was extremely hard for me because this kind of behavior was coming not from strangers but from friends and family members, the people that are supposed to have your back no matter what. This really affected my mental health and made me feel extremely insecure about myself as a musician. I’m sure every single person out there had a similar experience to mine, not just musicians. With Looking up I want them to know that no matter what people are saying, or who is saying hurtful things to you, keep going, fight hard and work hard for your dream and you’ll achieve everything you want to achieve.

Q: What has the reaction to “Looking Up” been so far?

RAVENRAIN: So far so good, I’m always overwhelmed by people reactions to my music and I’m working hard to reach even more people around the world.

Q: If you could collaborate with any musician, who would you choose? 

RAVENRAIN: Oh wow, I have such a long list of artists I would like to collab with, but the top of my list are definitely MAMAMOO, Halsey and Lady Gaga.

Q: What can we expect to see from you next?

RAVENRAIN: More music to come. I’ve just released another single LOUISE on the 2nd of July, available on all digital platforms. I would suggest going and have a listen to it, I dig deep into some of the struggles I had when I was a child, dealing with a long-term illness and mental health conditions too. I will be covering these themes even more in my upcoming releases for this year and I’m already working on some music for 2022.

Interviewed by Shoshana Silow





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