“I’m Sorry To My Exes” by ettie

The whole “it’s not you, it’s me” back and forth during a breakup can be daunting, and oftentimes the one who is saying it is just trying to be nice, but after coming into her own over the past couple of years ettie realized that yup, all those guys were far from her actual type. “I’m Sorry To My Exes” is an anthemic homage to all those who dated the wrong people before coming into their own in regards to their sexual identity, as well as a summation of her past relationships in regards to where she is today. 

In spirit, it reminded me of Alex the Astronaut’s “Not Worth Hiding,” only ettie presented her tale with more of an alternative edge relaying apologies with the same level of energy one would have found alongside Liz Phair on tour back in the ‘90s. Speaking of, what I love most about “I’m Sorry To Me Exes” is that it paints a picture-perfect illustration of the story at hand. It doesn’t hide behind a cascade of metaphors and flowery language. Instead, ettie hits you with only the facts like how she played for the other team, and even more – how she was checking out her exes’ new partners along the way. 

“I’m Sorry To My Exes” is one of three new singles from ettie this year. It sits alongside the heartfelt “Starting Again” and the airy “Manic Pixie Dream Girl.” Listening to all three back to back, it’s clear that ettie isn’t set on being repetitive with what she has to offer; a variety pack of sorts when it comes to sound. Those interested in an artist that bares it all with endearing storytelling in a myriad of ways can check out “I’m Sorry To My Exes,” and all the rest of ettie’s releases now on all major streaming and music platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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