“DC Drawers” by Vanessa Anne Redd

German/British singer-songwriter and producer Vanessa Anne Redd has been highly praised as a renowned artist in publications such as Loud and Quiet for their undeniable talents. They quoted her to be in the “singer-songwriter premier league,” making her known for her songwriting abilities with a high-level recognition. In creating her latest single, “DC Drawers,” she took a non -conventional pathway to the abstract psychedelic artform. Redd wrote the song in isolation during a hot summer deep in France’s forest glade, helping her create a masterpiece. 

“DC Drawers” contains melodic vocals and Bowie-esc structure to the track. At first, listen; you can hear the spiritual awakening and enlightenment that influenced the song. Next, Redd dives into the concept of stepping in and out of reality. It has you guessing what is true and real in a fake world –an acting pawn on the world’s stage. The song has a calm beauty to it, making it whimsically playful and magically vulnerable. 

DC Drawers

Fans can easily imagine themselves in that French glade deep in the forest. There is a sense of nature and ancestral connection within this creative piece. It speaks to human development. Perhaps we become closer with ourselves when isolated, only to be in the presence of life within nature. 

“DC Drawers” highlights the beauty of feeling different in a drab and paper-thin world. Check out the self-made music video presenting various colors and textures with a hint of a spiritual trip! Reserve “DC Drawers” for a moment of self-reflection and spiritual growth.

Reviewed by Abeni Moreno





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