“The End Mixtape” By AJ Vibes

Los Angeles Hip Hop artist AJ Vibes’ newly released project, “The End Of Mixtape,” is an undeniable personal memoir with an unforgettable charm and canter –complementing the natural beat of his voice. AJ’s Vibes’ intrinsic conversation with his audience ties tales of community, prejudice, and individual success. “The End Mixtape” takes the listener through the intricacies of life while rocking with the rhythmic waves of his vocabulary and truthful messages. AJ Vibes is a storyteller by nature. That fact is obviously noted through his talent. The album is pure poetry that hits with elevated hooks.

The first track on the album “Nostalgia” is about living life before success, striving for success. AJ Vibes speaks about feeling stuck in life while reminiscing on memories of a carefree youth. Such self-criticism can inflict a significant amount of pressure, leading to depression and sadness. But AJ Vibes reminds his fans that life is not a race. There is no one path for achieving success (as long as you are willing to work for it). As a result, there will always be low energy, obstacles, and Monday blues. The best way to combat this is to imagine the self where it belongs – happy, healthy, wealthy, and doing what one loves. 

Important messages about the world and the state of humanity hook the listeners throughout the album. For example, in the track “Battles,” the war for change is heavy. Prejudices and injustices are taking lives in every corner. The call to action in this track is for betterment and change, but it starts with the individual. Whether it will be seen in this lifetime or the next is questionable. Still, the project is a beacon of hope and light beaming from AJ Vibes himself. 

AJ Vibes consistently showcases steady wordsmanship, locking in his audience with dynamic beats and melodies. In addition, this up n’ coming artist does a phenomenal job of presenting the nuances of life. The album wonderfully mixes all the intersectionalities of identity: family, community, personal purpose, inner strength, and individual success. He is on his way to change the face of music. Hits like “Far Away” (a favorite of mine) is a highly memorable song with a low-down base that pulsates throughout the body. “The End of Mixtape” is sweet and tasteful, leaving the listener salivating for more.

Reviewed by Abeni Moreno





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