Artist Interview: “Memory Lane” by Ellis Jones

Q: We’re loving the summer hook of this song!  What was your creative process in making “Memory Lane”?

Jones: Thanks so much. For me, it has been about bouncing off other people involved, in this case the producer, Jack Morris. It was one of those things that just seemed to click so naturally with us, sending each other our ideas and being brutally honest with each other in order to get the best possible result. By doing this, it brought a new lease of life to a song that I have had on the back burner for many years.

Q: Was there a pivotal moment in your life when you decided to follow your path as a musician?

Jones: As generic as it sounds, I have always wanted to be a musician or at least, to be in the industry in some capacity. I have always loved to sing and create music. When I was 17/18, I had been in a band for a little over 4 years. At one of the gigs we had at the O2 Academy in Birmingham, the atmosphere was so electric and we had so much fun playing. That for me was the lightbulb moment of ‘I want to be doing this forever’.

Q: Did any real-life events occur in your life that inspired this song?

Jones: Haha, no they didn’t. The song is an entirely made up scenario, drawing inspiration from cliché boy meets girl scenes in films.

Q: In your own words, how would you describe the type of music you make?

Jones: My music is for everyone. For the people that enjoy listening to the melodies, following a story or like the nerdier side of the textures and harmonies within the song. If you like to chill or like a boogie, there’s definitely something for you within the music I write.

Q: “Memory Lane” really tells a story through your songwriting. Who are some of your biggest influences?

Jones: My influences have changed as I have grown older, but currently I would have to say to name a few, James Blake, Jacob Collier, RY X. It changes all the time. I could be listening to someone I have never heard of before and get excited, my head going at a million miles an hour with the possibilities of creativity.

Q: What is coming up next for you?

Jones: I am in the process of producing my next track with Jack, sending over harmonies and all the necessary textures and layers which I am very excited for. That should be released within the next few months.

Interviewed by Brittany D’Amore





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