Artist Interview: “Alone By Night” by Lavara

Q: I love the feel behind “Sending Signals”, what was your inspiration in creating it?

LAVARA: My biggest inspiration in creating Sending Signals was my state of mind. This song is about running in circle and always getting back to the same point, the grey land. This one was intense to compose and to write. It means a lot to me. 



Q: “Alone by Night” is a very personal song, that has a deeper message than just losing a lover. Tell us a little bit more about this single and why this song?

LAVARA: I had these words in my head, Alone By Night, during a lot of time. I think it can relate to a long period when I had trouble to find sleep, I was asking myself about a lot of things, love more than others. I was alone by night. The night is a moment I love, time stops. I’m a lot more creative by night. 

Q: Would you like to collaborate with anyone? If so who and why?

LAVARA: I would love to collaborate with a lot of amazing artists. I would say Justin Vernon for his limitless creativity, Ry X for his spirit and Aaron Dessner because of his genius in music.



Q: Do you have any favorite lyric from your newest single “Sending Signals”?

LAVARA: “I know the burden you’re going through, I came out to help you “. This lyrics means a lot to me. Everyone can relate to this sentence. It’s easy to say it but it’s hard to know exactly the trouble people are going on.



Q: What are some of your favorite synths to use?

LAVARA: My favorites synths are Diva by U-He. I really like Pigments by Arturia too.



Q: What is coming next for you?

LAVARA: After 1 year of releasing music, it’s time for me to get ready to take the stage. I’m currently working on it and can’t wait to see you there.


Interviewed by Stephanie Pankewich







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