Artist Interview: “On the Run” by Baba Blakes

Q: Hey Baba Blakes! Introduce yourself to our audience here on Rising Artists!

BABA BLAKES: Hey guys, my name is Dennis and I produce and release music as Baba Blakes. I just started this feelgood-indie-project this year in spring and released my debut single ‘On The Run’ recently. My second single will come up in August 2021. But first, thanks for having me.


Q: We notice you’ve had placements on some TV networks such as “Television RTL ZWEI” and “Vox”. Tell us about those experiences.

BABA: Those experiences were super unreal and crazy. I guess over 2 million people watched me on television playing on stage. I also haven’t seen so many cameras surrounding me, haha.

Q: What made you want to become a musician?

BABA: In my childhood I went to a concert with my friends. It was amazing and my eyes never stopped shining. After that I realised that I wanted to be a musician.


Q: Tell us about your favorite performance in your career.

BABA: I will never forget the concert in front of 15.000 people. This festival will be in my mind forever.



Q: Who is one of your favorite artists of all time?

BABA: Hard question. I really love Roosevelt, Sam Fender, Elderbrook and every other artist in my personal Spotify playlist called ‘Baba Tracks’.


Q: What can we expect from you next?

BABA: As I said at the beginning, I am going to release my second single ‘Sing’ in August 2021. Furthermore, I am also playing some concerts / festivals this year and working on my first extended play. Thanks for the great questions. Stay healthy.”


Interviewed by Stephanie Pankewich




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