Artist Interview: “Supposed To Be” by Chrissie Huntley

Q: You’ve been performing for a while now and are a pro at it! How do you combat any nerves you get before performing or did you have any training?

CHRISSIE HUNTLEY: Ah thanks so much! I used to not manage my nerves very well at all. I would feel sick all day and not be able to concentrate on anything other than the performance I knew was coming up.

The main thing that I used to do to combat my nerves was push myself to perform more! Like a sort of exposure therapy in a way I suppose. However, when lockdown hit, this obviously wasn’t really an option. So, more recently when I’ve been nervous before a show, I’ve tried reciting positive affirmations in my head such as “I am strong, I am confident, this is going to be amazing”. Using these like mantras I think really help me convert anxiety into excitement and make the overall experience so much more enjoyable 🙂


Q: We love your musical message:

“To make life just a little peachier”

We think the world needs to be a little peachy as well. What inspired you to do music initially?

CHRISSIE: Thank you! For me, music has always been an outlet, a language and a form of therapy. I found solace in music properly in 2017 when I was going through a real rough patch in my own mental health, so I decided to quit my job, leave everything behind and move to Bristol to study music full time, which was, honestly, the best decision of my life.

Ever since, I’ve been dedicated to using music as a vehicle to pass on that healing, catharsis and joy & make the world a little “peachier”.

Q: “Supposed to Be” is an amazing groovy summer anthem! What is the backstory behind this song?

CHRISSIE: Ah so glad you like it! It was actually one of the first songs I ever wrote when I got dumped as a teenager. It seemed like the perfect first single as it was the first time I had used music as a means of expression and healing. When I wrote it, it wasn’t really intended for anyone to hear it. However, 6 years later and here we are. I’m so glad to have been able to grow and evolve the song to where it’s at now – I think (hopefully) it’s a little more mature than when I first wrote it!


Q: Is there a collaborator you typically work with or you do work alone most times?

CHRISSIE: I like to collaborate with a number of people! Typically, my right hand man is my friend Martin – we met at uni and he is an absolute mastermind when it comes to music. As for production, I’ve been working with a number of amazing up and coming producers from around the globe, such as Jon Will in Australia, Gabriel Gifford in Germany, Rory Bett in London and Laurence Fazakerley Buglass here in Bristol!




Q: Who is one of your favorite artists of all time?

CHRISSIE: Lianne la Havas. Her artistry, character, raw talent and pure egolessness is hugely inspiring to me!


Q: What can we expect from you next?

CHRISSIE: I have lots of new music in the works, which I’m very excited to be translating into a live show as soon as I can! I have a show at The Grain Barge in Bristol which has been rescheduled FIVE TIMES (!) due to Covid, so I am super excited to be announcing a new date for that soon, with hopefully no restrictions!!


Interviewed by Stephanie Pankewich





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