‘Fairy’ by Under Delusion

Sometimes you need a sound that’s new and different. Something that breaks the barriers of the majority of popular music and puts a unique spin on it. This can be done in so many different ways: blending genres, working with different instruments, using different forms of production, etc. Under Delusion definitely makes music in their own way with their track ‘Fairy.’ They make use of nostalgic rock sounds, but also work in unique vocal talent that strays from the typical range. It’s also a song that is very poetic lyrically. This lyricism makes it a song that can be interpreted in so many different ways, allowing many to relate it to their own walks of life. It gives the listener something to ponder, something to think about. ‘Fairy’ is a track that’s extremely well done, and it’s apparent that the musicians really put in their time, effort, and passion.

‘Fairy’ by Under Delusion threw me straight back to the early 2000s with it’s opening guitar line and held up a distinct power throughout. There’s such a uniqueness to its sound, especially vocally. The vocals display such a distinct timbre and more of an alto range. Recently in music it’s ALL about the high notes, both in masculine and feminine vocals. It just seems like in a lot of cases that’s how people judge vocal ability. ‘Fairy’ proves this wrong. It’s possible to display such a precise vocal ability in lower ranges, and it can be gorgeous. The vocals have such a rounded full sound, and it’s almost operatic. To me the music blends together in a way that sounds like a perfect mesh of Three Days Grace and Lady Gaga. ‘Fairy” is a wonderful track that stands out with its uniqueness and talent from all musicians present.


The lyricism in ‘Fairy’ has such a poetic air about it. It feels extremely up to interpretation, and that’s some of the beauty that music holds. It definitely captures the feeling of a deep emotional connection that is impeded by mental health to me. It can be read as a romantic relationship, but some lines stood out to me that make it seem otherwise. Specifically, “I can’t take you with me / In my flowerless world / Oh my sweetest baby / I’m your grown up boy.” This makes it sound like it could be a song about a mother/child relationship. One that explores the struggle of dealing with mental health while trying to keep your own child happy and comfortable. No matter the interpretation, it’s a beautifully written song.


Under Delusion is made up of 30 year old musicians with an obvious passion for what they create. They aren’t afraid to be original and break the mold of what most modern music is. They play on emotion and humanness to make relatable and deep music. They breach so many facets of being human. Facets such as anger, loss, and personal relationships. They’re influenced by bands such as Bring Me The Horizon, Yonaka, and Highly Suspect. They’ve released four singles so far, and they definitely have more exciting things to come.





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