“Apathy” by Paul Neil’

On his new song, “Apathy”, Multi-instrumentalist Paul Neil’ groovily dives into what apathy means in his life. Modern vocals sound phenomenal over a group that can only be described as a jazz combo. Easily switching between leading the song with his vocals and supporting the group’s various solos. His versatility in singing the catchy hooks and backing vocals was tremendous and helped paint a picture of his talents. 

Every solo was interesting and supported the happy vibes of the song well. As many people know, solo sections are tough because if they’re too short the musician won’t get what they want to say in, and if they’re too long they end up boring or too wordy. From the trombone to the electric guitar everything felt like it belonged. Never feeling the need to show off their musical chops with overly complicated licks, their additions were awesome. 

Their use of chromatics, and gliss’ in the case of the trombone, stuck out like gemstones in the groove. Instead of sounding like non-chordal tones they took, they just sounded colorful. In a similar vein whenever a voice entered or left the texture it happened seamlessly. Just because a solo was over didn’t mean that the voice would immediately stop and make room for another, they all bolstered each other when not the focal point.

Although the song is entitled “Apathy”, I never once felt apathetic while listening to it. Harmonies were thick and supportive, while the melodies and solos were exciting and well-spoken. Paul Neil’ and the band did a phenomenal job creating a beautiful song. Although this may be the first time you read his name, it won’t be the last.

“Apathy” is available on all major streaming services.

Written by Tyler Roberts





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