Artist Interview: “21st Century Mayhem” by The Buzz Kills

Q: Your track record is pretty impressive! How has your experience been working with Jam Mountain Music?


THE BUZZ KILLS: It was a fantastic experience to work with Jam Mountain Music. All the money from the single ‘Light a Candle’ went to charity ‘Act For Kids’ and it was so much fun working in collaboration with a big group of artists – and the music video is super fun too – you should check it out readers!!



Q: How was the songwriting process from your latest single “21ST CENTURY MAYHEM”?

THE BUZZ KILLS: We write our songs equally in terms of input. With this one I started with my guitar, and Sam rocked it up with big guitar strikes and anthemic drum beats. It’s a bit of a trend with our songs at the moment – the anthemic thing.



Q: Tell us a little bit more of the back story behind “21ST CENTURY MAYHEM”?

THE BUZZ KILLS: Behind the Lyrics Inspired through frustration with the world. Fed up of Government control. Angry at the one-sided media brainwashing and manipulation. The heavy chorus chant sticks in your head and unites the people in the war for freedom.
‘It’s like the 21st Century equivalent of ‘Anthem for the year 2000’ by Silverchair’.



Q: Who are your biggest musical influences?


THE BUZZ KILLS: Such an eclectic mix, we just love music, all genres, there would be too many to list here.



Q: How is the music scene in Launceston, AU

THE BUZZ KILLS: As launceston is tiny and this will give you a better view for a larger population…. aussie music scene is currently brilliant in the states that arent in lockdown – Cairns, Tas, but unfortunately Sydney and Vic are in lockdown so gigs cancelling and festivals changing to virtual which is a tragedy. Grateful for any live gigs and festivals that go ahead.



Q: You’ve been working music quite a while, is there any advice you would give to someone just starting out?


THE BUZZ KILLS: Stay positive and driven for what you want to achieve. The music business is very subjective, don’t take things to heart too much, similiarly when you have super fans, don’t let it go to your head to much. Keep grounded and focused. There are 40,000 singles released every day. Those who sing from the soul and stay true and focused will shine through.


Interviewed by Stephanie Pankewich





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