“Light Burns Out” Moon Walker

A David Bowie, Talking Heads, and Led Zeppelin concoction gives birth to a sensational band called Moon Walker. The rock duo’s new single, “Lights Burn Out,” begins with a story-like intro that builds to a technicolor concert filled with magic. The listener finds themselves in a vintage time machine where singer/guitarist Harry Springer and drummer Sean McCarthy take the wheel. The time machine is assembled to reveal a dark past foreshadowing an uncertain future.

Now that the clocks are turning back

Why don’t we turn them back to ’52?

And when the kids wake up

We can tell them the truth

“Light Burns Out” flies through time and space to another dimension for a history lesson and a generational warning. The upbeat classic rock song is a clear narrative of the current failed U.S. political system. Moon Walker shouts out with a passion, letting their audience know that history is repeating itself – no time machine needed.

A light burning out is a metaphor for a time coming to an end for us (U.S.) but signifying that the younger generation can find unity for a better world. The stars can finally begin to come out when the corruption of society fades into the darkness. The truth is if we drown, we drown together. Perhaps, what the world needs is to start over? The moonwalkers that wander among us will change the world by using the moon and stars for guidance.

This thought-provoking song is a generational anthem advocating for the future. Cheers to saying goodbye to injustices and leaving them in the past! … because everything starts over when the light burns out. The stormy weather is on its way; let us sing together.

Check out “Light Burns Out,” stellar 70’s vintage music video featuring Moon Walker’s dynamic duo singing back-to-back.

Reviewed by Abeni Moreno





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