“I’m so Broke” by Taylor B-W

There are few feelings in this world that capture the reality of being broke. Fear and hopelessness do well to describe parts of it. They don’t however, touch on the oddly uplifting parts of it; community for instance. Having nothing is a great way to bond with other people who have nothing. Not only that, but it causes resourcefulness. Although these do little to outweigh the challenges that come along with it, Australian-based artist Taylor B-W manages to find this positivity on her new single, “I’m So Broke”.

Backing vocals through the chorus help keep the song feeling light and bouncy. Playing off the energy provided by the drums they help thicken the texture. Not only that, but they’re catchy as hell. All the busyness going on throughout that section contrasts the minimalistic verses. Not only does it give a chance for the lyrics to focus and somber up; but it also lets Tayler B-W show off her vocal chops.

Fat bass synths drive the high energy of the chorus while blissful chords keep the verses feeling light. Whenever another voice enters the texture it slips right in. It all remains thin enough that every addition is heard but doesn’t crowd anything. Her voice was beautiful over the soulful electric piano and playful over the funky synths. 

Although “I’m So Broke” is about not having money, there’s an air of confidence throughout. At no point does it shy away from itself in delivery or lyrics. Proudly declaring “I’m a loser at the best of times” allows Taylor B-W to unapologetically present herself and say, take it or leave it. 

“I’m So Broke” can be found on all major streaming platforms.

Written by Tyler Roberts

Photo creds: Rachel Frankenbach





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