“Seven Kinds of Lonely” by Liam Bruce

Last year the pandemic took over the world and a lot of people struggled with the changes that were happening while uncertainty started to grow. During the Pandemic the music industry suffered, but for musician Liam Bruce the challenging time gave him an opportunity to write the song “Seven Kinds of Lonely.”

“Seven Kinds of Lonely” is a honest piece about the experience Bruce had while being on lockdown during the pandemic. At the time Bruce had to stay inside his flat and the only company he had were the walls and his guitar. With not being able to use a recording studio Bruce sat down in his bedroom and created “Seven Kinds of Lonely.” 

What I really like about this piece is how smooth Bruce’s voice is while he sings about his experience. Although Bruce’s voice remains low key, I could feel the frustration he has inside himself because there are certain parts in the song where his voice starts to become higher when Bruce becomes frustrated with what he is experiencing.

Also Bruce’s guitar playing does match the theme of this song because the light riffs contribute to the lingering emotion of anger and frustration. Other than the vocals, instrumentation is an important element when creating a song because people need to feel the musical vibe the artist does have and within “Seven Kinds Of Lonely,” Bruce’s guitar playing does speak for him because the feeling of loneliness can be felt through each riff.

I enjoyed listening to “Seven Kinds of Lonely” because it gave me an insight of what Bruce felt like while the pandemic started to rule the world and I hope Bruce continues to create more music that people can relate to. 

Written by Caitlin Stoddard

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