“Forever Young” by JBack

Everybody knows the best part of school is when it’s finally done and summer finally begins. The moment that the last bell rings you’re free. People are running around, and everybody is just ecstatic. On “Forever Young”, JBack captures this electrifying atmosphere. At points sounding like Kygo, the upbeat synthesizers match the energy JBack provides with the vocals. He sounds both powerful and versatile over the instrumental.

Whenever the chorus transitions into one of the verses and everything thins out the song keeps pushing forwards. Although the drums back out, the bouncy synths as well as the vocals maintain their liveliness. Additionally, the lead vocals feel fully supported and at ease both during the lighter verses as well as the jubilant choruses.

 Midi horns used throughout the dance break feel like just what the song needed. After the first tease of a drop, they release the energy the song had been building up until that point. Their distinct sound and where it fell in the mix allowed them to punch right through the texture.

Lyrics of young love make the song feel almost nostalgic at points. The huge presence on the song and these familiar lyrics help the song feel perfect for summertime. It makes me want to roll down my windows and drive fast. I simply fell in love with it all. “Forever Young” was impossible to listen to without a smile on my face. Fun dance breaks and the whole vibe was refreshing. JBack’s powerful voice danced around the beat with ease, really spotlighting his talent. 

“Forever Young” can be found on all major streaming services.

Written by Tyler Roberts





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