“Wandering” by Realma

As a fan of many music genres jazz music tends to stand out a little bit more because many bands and artists have created songs that have an extraordinary meaning behind them. The song “Wandering” by Realma is a unique piece that has a great taste of jazz music and a neat insight of what the track is about.

The meaning behind “Wandering” is about a love letter to the movie genre noir and it is a part of the bygone era in the cinema. Through the thrill seeking orchestra, the music explores the line between love and obsession. Also the orchestra allows listeners to experience the thrilling and suspenseful of the hypnotic melancholy.

In many ways “Wandering” is a composition that brings a dramatic element by using the orchestra to create the sense of what being in a noir movie feels like. The jazz elements from the orchestra does bring out the feeling of how dramatic this piece is. 

While listening to the piece, Realma’s vocal performance remains classy and sauvy while she sings her heart out. What is neat is how Realma’s vocals compliment the theme of the song because her voice carries the emotions of what love feels like in a noir movie. It is nice to hear a vocalist who can carry herself through the jazzy atmosphere because Realma uses her vocals to create the musical passion that is found in jazz music and she is truly a gifted vocalist.

“Wandering” is a creative and innovative piece that will give people an insight  of a cinematic jazz song that is filled with thrilling instrumentation and vocals. 

Written by Caitlin Stoddard

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