“Mad At Me” by Jesse Grossi

As a fan of music I have started to like drinking songs because the lyrics are funny and sometimes most of the lyrics have real life experiences behind them. Californian artist Jesse Gossi isn’t a stranger to put his life experiences in his music and his single “Mad At Me” is a reggae style themed piece that gives an insight of how people have always been mad at him for the poor decisions he has made and sometimes, people are just mad at Grossi for no reason.

While listening to “Mad At Me” I really enjoyed the reggae melody that lingers in this tune because the sound gives this piece a really nice mix of reggae and alternative rock music vibe that is electrifying. The instrumentation shines by how each guitar riff and drum beat contributes to the endless rock and reggae musical vibe that contributes to the strong emotions Grossi is singing about.

Grossi’s vocals are another great part of “Mad At Me’” because through his strong vocal performance I can feel the lingering emotions of how he feels when people are mad at him for making a poor decision. Grossi’s vocals compliment the reggae and alternative rock style theme because of how he sings in a low key manner. The way Grossi sings this song has made me press the replay button multiple times. 

 If you are a fan of drinking songs or you just want to hear a good  reggae and alternative rock style theme song, “Mad At Me” will surely have your speakers playing the song on high volume.

Written by Caitlin Stoddard

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