Artist Interview: “In The End” by Elliot Speed

Q: I like the energy in “In the End.” Can you tell us more about the

ELLIOT SPEED: In my eyes, the song is about overcoming personal struggles. I wrote the chorus as a moment of reflection, looking back at where you once were and feeling a sense of fulfillment. I like writing music in a “dreamy space” and I feel the energy of this song comes through the acoustic guitar strums and drum fills in the chorus.

Q: Love that you’re blending alternative rock with indie-pop. Who or
what are some of your influences?

ELLIOT SPEED: That’s 100% my style. I definitely love the indie-pop elements that are heavily influenced by artists like Dayglow and Blanks. Whereas alternative rock is something that comes quite naturally to me having listened to a lot of Coldplay, Radiohead my whole life.

Q:   When did you decide to pursue music more seriously?

ELLIOT SPEED: I dabbled in music writing for the last couple of years but I really started in January 2021. I wrote my first track Better Now at the start of the year and within two weeks that was out. After the feedback of that song is where I started pursuing music seriously. So I am still new to this but I want to make a huge impact.

Q: What are some challenges you’ve faced?

ELLIOT SPEED: Definitely the production side of making music. I had dabbled in how some of the mixing stages worked at university but I was in no way confident in the way I produced music. However, since January I have worked incredibly hard in trying to better myself at this and I feel my music now sounds unbelievably better.

Q:  How was 2021 doing for you so far?

ELLIOT SPEEDFantastic! I have finished my Film and TV degree at uni and I am now preparing for moving back to Wimborne in Dorset and starting to build a network of musicians and friends and hopefully start performing live soon!

Q: Anything for us to look forward to in the near future for us to look forward to?

ELLIOT SPEED:  The main thing for me that I am looking forward to is gigging. Being able to play my songs live and connect with an audience will be an amazing feeling and I’m really looking forward to achieving it.

Interviewed by Katrina Yang





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