“Membrany” by Tamas Szigyarto

There was a recent interview I did with a musician who noted that after the bubonic plague came the Renaissance, and then came the Roaring ‘20s after the flu of 1918. If that trend continues, what should follow 2020 is a rise in creativity from around the world. This is already apparent in the record number of podcasts started, new ideas forming on Tik Tok, and of course, musicians who pushed through the darkness and found some light in crafting songs like “Membrany” by Tamas Szigyarto. 

It would be hard to find someone alive in 2020 that did not feel like the end of the world was inching closer every second of every day. From the constant news of a pandemic to racial tension overflowing, the news was often a bit much. Some artists channeled that into reflections of the situations, and others, like Tamas Szigyarto, channeled that into a positive note. “Membrany” heads in the opposite direction of 2020 and delivers a cheery sense of hope through a neoclassical lens brought to life by pristine piano playing. 

London-based, Tamas Szigyarto set about to put together a track that would uplift those whose ears it fell upon, and mission completed. The feeling of calm is almost instantaneous from the press of play. We hope he continues to use his talents to compose more songs just like this, as it’s what the world needs now. 

So for a hopeful piece of music to carry you throughout your day, check out Tamas Szigyarto’s “Membrany,” available now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran





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