“Bloodlines” by Pochenski

After years of working together in various different bands, three lads from Manchester formed Pochenski at the end of 2019. Daniel Pye (Vocals/ Guitar) Kieran Joyce (Bass/Guitar/Backing Vocals) George Coleman (Drums) released their third single from a collection of songs they wrote back in 2019 – 2020. Bloodlines is about acceptance and chaos, Pochenski is an outlet for writing dark and ambient tunes.

With the killer guitar and drums intro “Bloodlines” will already have your head bobbing, as Daniel Pye’s booming vocals draws you in. “Bloodlines” has the vibes of wanting to party while on the other hand it’s easy to chill and relax to this song while enjoying a beer. Pochenski does an amazing job at keeping an audience engaged with their on point and mature lyrics that’ll make you think about life a bit differently. A goal of a musician is to move or inspire people with your craft, Pochenski’s “Bloodlines” is a song that definitely inspires oneself. “Bloodlines” was recorded between Manchester and London by the band themselves and the final mix and master was completed by Joe Murphy in Finsbury Park.

“Bloodlines” is only the second release from the group this year, with how talented and motivated they are, it’s inevitable that they will be releasing more amazing singles like “Bloodlines”. Perhaps we will get an album from the guys this year, either way it goes, we have three amazing songs from Pochenski to blast and vibe to while we patiently wait for another hit from the group.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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