Artist Interview: “Danse Avec Moi” by Dorian Ruiz

Q: I love how captivating “Danse Avec Moi” is. How did you come up with the song?

DORIAN RUIZ: Thanks a lot! That makes me happy, because it’s a release that is close to my heart, especially in times like we have been going through for a few months. I just wanted a unifying song to get us all together and tell each other that happiness is in front of us so let’s dance!
The clip really represents this desire with my dancers who are really solar and positive.
It was also for me a way to introduce myself to the public as a dancer and it is a first because it is an important point for the continuation of my tracks and my shows.

Q: I know that you play many roles in the creative process. How has your experience as a producer, filmmaker, director, and musician come to get together in the creative process of “Danse Avec Moi”?

DORIAN RUIZ:  It’s true that life has led me to don many hats. Singer, dancer, author, composer, producer, editor, director and I forget it, but even if at the beginning I was not always sure of myself, I can tell you that now I find that it is a force and a very appreciable pride in being all of this at the same time. It allows me to be creative and to do a song like “Danse Avec Moi” with a nice clip to promote it.
All the upstream preparation is essential because on the day of filming all my teams are at 100% so that I can feel free to take on my role as an artist and have fun. When all the creative, filming, and editing work is done, I can’t wait to share all this work with my audience through promotion and ultimately the concert with meeting the crown. All these stages please me and satisfy me.

Q: Can you tell me more about how you’ve found the musical path?

DORIAN RUIZ: As a child, I was always attracted to shows and music in general. Young boy in my room I made microphones out of cardboard and I imagined a lot of things as if I were on concert. I also remember singers like Edith Piaf and Michael Jackson who fascinated me. Life meant that I was in a religious school which allowed me to discover singing and I loved that feeling, we were also doing dance and I loved it too. After that time it never left me and I did everything to make it happen.

Q: What would be your goal as a musician and an artist?

DORIAN RUIZ: My first objective is to continue to take so much pleasure in creating and sharing my music.
I also hope to have the opportunity to do concerts and meet my audience as widely as possible all over the world. The United States would be really great, and I hope you will be there. 😉

Q:  How has Michael Jackson influenced you creatively?

DORIAN RUIZ: Michael Jackson is to me the greatest and most talented artist we have had. My sister and mother saw Michel Jackson’s show in the 90s and when I was little I heard about this phenomenon on stage and immersed myself in his music videos and concerts. After that, I understood what I wanted to do with my life. Make the public dream, bring them with me to exceptional shows and see their eyes shine. It has become like an obsession, a goal.

Q: What are you currently working on?

DORIAN RUIZ: I am currently in the process of finalizing my album for a release at the end of the year, in November. I’m so excited about the idea of finally releasing this album. I can tell you exclusively, there will be a duet with a singer and a part in English. I’m also happy because it will be released on physical records and vinyl. I can also tell you that the songs that will compose it all have different influences and unique universes. I like albums where each track surprises me.
I hope you will be there and I take this opportunity to thank all the people who support me in the United States. Thanks to you for this interview. Love, Dorian

Interviewed by Katrina Yang





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