“??” Is a song about the loss of a beloved brother and an incredible friend. The song is a tribute to him, and honors who he was as a person and the unbreakable bond of two brothers. The pain and love that the singer has for his brother is felt strongly throughout the song. 

The music in “??” is warm, harmonious and comforting. Dalia does an excellent job of bringing the listener into the folds of the relationship between the two. Hearing about how the late brother was always there for the singer, and brought him out of his comfort zone is so beautiful and heartfelt. 

The song is a testament to the strength and loyalty of a brotherhood, a bond that can never be broken and knows no bounds, even after one of them is gone. The love the two brothers had for each other is celebrated throughout the song. Even though one of the brothers is gone, his spirit is felt through the music.

The title of the song, “??” is incredibly fitting, clever, and wise. Life after loss can feel exactly like “??” – confusing, in a daze, things feel blurry, going through the motions and feeling lost. The song not only captures a beautiful bond, it also tells the story of the two brothers through the unique lens of grief.

There are five stages of grief – denial and isolation, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. While hope is not in the five stages of grief, hope is possible at every stage. In “??” hope is felt. 

Written by Shoshana Silow





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