Artist Interview: “Obsession” by Amanda Ghatorra

Q: Live-looping is quite an art, how was the process of learning how to do it?

AMANDA GHATORRA: It was actually a super fun process! And I guess it’s like with any new skill you learn: as long as u feel passionate about it and it’s fun you can learn anything quite quickly 🙂
I learned live looping with covers, I just tried to reproduce the whole tracks of my favourite artists with my loop station.
After that I just tried the same with my own stuff.



Q: In your own words how would you describe your music?

AMANDA: I don’t really have a fixed genre as I like to experiment with different styles, so I’d say in that context my music is quite free. The main points for me are to write honest lyrics, to have fun while creating and to try out new stuff.
So its a mix of different elements: Alternative, Soul, Lo-Fi, Electronic, Roots..
The most important thing for me is to create honest art that might touch something inside the person that is listening.

Q: When did you start writing music?

AMANDA: I started quite late!!
It was during my trip around the world. I’ve been wanting to write a letter to someone, telling that person how I really feel and speaking out everything I didn’t when we met.
In the end I wrote my first song instead of writing a letter.



Q: What do you miss most about live performances?

AMANDA: The vibe! To hang out with real people and build up a connection.

Q: What is your favourite lyric that you have written?

AMANDA: I think my favourite lyric I have written is actually something I am writing on right now. I’ve got the feeling I am allowing myself more and more to speak out what I really feel inside instead of polishing it up with nice words. So I’m excited to share it in the future!
Otherwise, I really like the lyrics I wrote for ‘Son of Mars’ and ‘Haunted’.



Q: Tell us a little bit more of your upcoming concept album “Seasons”.

AMANDA: It’s a concept album!
The idea is that there are more or less 2 songs per seasons that differ in their genre.
In Winter for example I do darker stuff, darker lyrics and combine it with electronic elements. In Summer I do more uplifting lyrics and mix them with some Jazz and Lo-Fi elements.
It’s like a little diary that celebrates all of these ever changing emotions, new beginnings, dead ends and the cycles of life in general.



Interviewed by Stephanie Pankewich





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