Artist Interview: “Pretend” by Ralphy

Q: You are an LA-based Australian Artist, tell us about your background and how you ended up in Los Angeles.

RALPHY: Hi there yes I am currently based in LA and from Australia. How I ended up here is very long story but in a nutshell I was thinking about moving to the United States or the UK and my songwriting partner at the time was about to move to Los Angeles. So she convinced me to move and I have been here ever since (which is about 10 years ago). 



Q: What made you want to become a musician?

RALPHY: I think growing up I started doing ballet at the age of three but then I moved to musical theater and fell in love with performing. At a super young age my mom and my auntie took me to go see a Madonna concert and I think from then it was all over I wanted to be a pop artist. It combined everything that I loved which was singing, dancing and fashion. 

Q: Tell me about your favorite performance in your career.

RALPHY: Performing is my favorite thing to do in the whole entire world and honestly anytime I get up on stage it just makes me so happy that I don’t even know if I have a favorite performance or a favorite show. I mean sometimes I wish it went smoother or better but just being out there there’s nothing else better in the world to me. 



Q: Who is one of your favorite artists of all time?

RALPHY: My favorite artist of all time it’s really hard to pick one but I’ve already said her name once and that was Madonna. David Bowie would be my second choice. 



Q: What would you do if your audience looked tired or bored during your performance?

RALPHY:Well I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been performing for so long and done so many different shows that this is definitely happened to me but you just gotta keep going. Sometimes it’s kind a good if you think people are bored during the show because it makes you want to perform even harder or stronger to get their attention. But I do feel like that sometimes not everyone’s gonna like what you’re doing and that’s OK and you just gotta keep on going.



Q: What can we expect from you next?

RALPHY: I’ve got lots of little projects coming up currently working on the ‘Pretend’ music video actually finishing that off this weekend. I am doing some remixes of some songs that are coming out some collaboration him hopefully jumping back on the stage and just working on new music. It just never ends but I love it.


Interviewed by Stephanie Pankewich





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