‘Summer’s Almost Gone’ by Mothé

Break-ups ruin everything. They infect every part of your life, past, present and future. They ruin memories and turn good times into bad times. Sometimes there’s this weird bittersweet nostalgia that comes around, especially on anniversary events: the day you got together, the day you broke up, that one date at the park that was seemingly ethereal, and the list goes on. Mothé’s latest track ‘Summer’s Almost Gone’ perfectly encapsulates this bittersweetness. It’s a dynamic and powerful track that polarizes itself both lyrically and musically. There’s a mix of happy and sad all throughout this track.

‘Summer’s Almost Gone,’ bursts in with an entrancing guitar line that serves as the perfect hook. Then drums and then synths come into play one after another, building it into a full dreamlike sound. And that’s just what this track is. Dreamlike. And in the perfect way too. It’s so dynamic, and the guitar really brings that out. There’s such a wide variety of guitar lines and solos, and they serve to pull out the wonderful musicianship of every other aspect of the track. The drums carry the beat along with a beautiful simplicity, and the vocals boast such a musical talent. There’s a great use made of vocal scoops, and the falsetto in the chorus is so smooth and full.


Something that really sticks out about ‘Summer’s Almost Gone’ is the polarization in the lyricism. It jumps around between both happy and sad, and the music follows along with it. It opens with “Late July never quite felt right / after our last fight,” then the pre chorus jumps in with, “people always smile in the middle of a heatwave / Shimmers on the road always turning into your face.” It feels like a reminiscence, but one that has turned bitter from a fight with a former loved one. It’s definitely a relatable emotion. Big life events tend to stick around and come back to haunt around the time that they happened, opening old wounds. ‘Summer’s Almost Gone,” truly captures this feeling within its lyricism.

Mothé is made up of both Spencer Fort (Vocalist/Guitarist) and Luke Gonzalez (Drum) who previously worked on the musical project Moth Winks. They formed in 2020 and have been hard at work not just on their own music, but also writing for and working with other artists as well. They have come a long way since their time in Moth Wings, and more recently they’ve been releasing singles that are eventually going to be part of an album coming out later in 2021. Summer’s Almost Gone is the latest of these singles.

Written by: Sage Plapp

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