“Ceramic” by Stephen James Orr feat. Danny Zaidman

Like the material it is named after, “Ceramic,” a new single by Stephen James Orr and featuring Danny Zaidman, is smooth, cool, and meticulously crafted. A compelling combination of pop, smooth jazz, and Neo-soul, the song draws you into its warm harmonies and melancholy themes of remembrance and recollection. Orr’s tune elevates you to a place of exhalation and introspection, simultaneously a relaxing and deeply provocative soundscape that is sure to be lodged in your memory.

Reverberating chords on the electric guitar seem to float through empty space, and its open extended harmonies generate a sonic expanse through which the voice and saxophone explore together. Meanwhile, bass and percussion provide understated yet vital underpinning for the song, responsible for maintaining the sense of pace. Zaidman’s vocal melodies sound almost spontaneous, a musical stream of consciousness that flows naturally and without artifice. His airy voice is equally unforced, its strength drawn from an apt sense of timing and melodic ingenuity. 

In particular, the saxophone deserves special notice as a duet partner, emerging frequently from the background to react to Zaidman’s singing. Indeed, sometimes it even eclipses the vocal line to take center stage, wailing, agreeing, disagreeing, commenting, or simply taking over altogether. No longer just accompaniment, the saxophone now works in counterpoint with the singer. But it also demonstrates Orr’s generosity as a producer, songwriter, and performer. His penchant for featuring the work of other artists results in something entirely unique and utterly captivating. 

“Ceramic” is available on all major streaming platforms. 

Written by Jacob Jahiel





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