“They Live!” by Bones In Butter

If you’re looking for an intoxicating and fun song to mosh to that also has an interesting backstory, Bones In Butter’s track “They Live!” is for you. The song is a satirical nod to the 1988 film They Live, which is a film revolving around a drifter who finds sunglasses that show him that the media and government have subliminal messages to keep the population’s knowledge to a minimum. Specifically, the elite are actually mind-controlling aliens.

Starting out with hard-hitting electric guitars and drums, the song grabs the listener’s attention right away. Milutin Krašević’s unique and gratifying voice then comes, repeating the lyrics “I hope I can deal with this mess”. “They Live” has an exhilarating sound, with its building energy and guitar. An electrifying guitar solo in the middle adds on to the post-punk sound. 

Besides the obvious catchiness of the song, Bones In Butter also points out the importance of resistance through this post-punk track. The film They Live is a dystopian film about mass-media manipulation, and Bones In Butter explores this theme while using both humor and sarcasm. At the same time, they highlight the significance in resisting any form of oppression. 

Milutin Krašević, Stefan Acimovie, Damjan Kapor, Marcelo Effori, and Marko Balabanovic all met online during quarantine. All having experience in music and touring, Bones In Butter is a band to keep up to date with. With concerts beginning to open up again, Bones In Butter is going to put on some amazing live shows!

Written by Melissa Cusano

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