“Not About You” by The Crystal Casino Band

The Crystal Casino Band is a lively/high-energy Indie band releasing their fifth album featuring the new single “Not About You.” This sad boy summer anthem is about an in-between love. Singer and songwriter Pete Stevens sings about a person who is only interested in the relationship when convenient for them.

After a sleepless night, it is easy to wonder: “Do you miss me?” The single, “Not About You,” describes the notion of getting over love that doesn’t reciprocate the same effort and love in a relationship. The song’s theme and message are dedicated to a person we all know who thinks they have someone wrapped around their little finger. The grey area of a relationship is the essence of this track. “Not About You,” has become a warning for someone convinced they have a hold over another’s affection. But in reality, this song is about moving on from such a relationship.

Pete Steven’s sings this song with passion and rhythmic tempo:

“You think that every song is about you//Baby don’t you think that you’re wrong to//Assume in something that you just can’t prove//You leave me biting my cheek like a fool. The track leaves you with one message, if you thought this song was about you, it ain’t”

The DC band has a playful sound with heart-breaking lyrics. “Not About You” is a push-back track to those using others when convenient for them. Fans of The Killers, The Strokes, Hippo Campus, and the like are sure to love this band!

Reviewed by Abeni Moreno





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