Artist Interview: “Waiting To Be Found” by Gabrielle Ornate

Q:   I love your unique vocal delivery. When did you start singing and
making music in the first place?

GABRIELLE ORNATE: Thank you so much! I’ve pretty much been singing all my life – when I was a toddler, I used to make up melodies and sing to myself in the buggy all the time.

I’ve always been a songwriter (however silly they might have been when I was a lot younger), but I eventually taught myself the piano when I was about 11 in order to accompany myself. From that point onwards, my songs had much more definition and meaning as I was able to come up with the harmony to go alongside my songs.

When I was 18, I taught myself how to play the bass guitar and that made me a lot more conscious of rhythms and riffs.

Q: What do you love about making music?

ORNATE: One of my favorite things about making music is being able to transform an initial idea into a fully fledged music production; turning a song into a full track is such an amazing creative journey.

I love coming up with all the different arrangement parts and exploring the depths of tone when it comes to choosing synth and guitar tones.

Q: What are some challenges you faced as an artist?

ORNATE: Being a solo artist, it can be hard juggling all of the different tasks that have to be done, and knowing which aspects to focus my time and resources on.

But I’ve recently found my rhythm with it – I’ve gradually discovered which tasks can be done by myself (such as producing my tracks with my co-producer), and which tasks do benefit from involving other industry contacts (such as promotional campaigns).

Q: Tell us more about “Waiting to be Found.” What was the story behind

ORNATE: ‘Waiting To Be Found’ is an introspective song with an electric feeling to it. I wrote it with my friend Charley about two and a half years ago and, at the beginning of this year, decided to bring it back to life by redrafting it slightly and reproducing it with my co-producer.

We kept elements of the old production but chose to inject a more rhythmic, summery vibe. Resulting in a bop that oozes attitude and isn’t afraid to show you what it’s made of.

Q:  Who are your influences?

ORNATE: I have a lot of influences from different genres and eras but my main two are The Beatles and David Bowie. I love how experimental snd varied their music is, and I’m particularly inspired by the fact that they didn’t necessarily follow the musical trends at the time. Instead, they set the trend and were all the more iconic because of it.

Q:  What are you currently working on?

ORNATE: At the moment, I’m working on the music video for my latest single ‘Waiting To Be Found’ and it’s due to come out this Friday 20th August. It’s a courageous move for me as I’m dancing a choreographed routine in it, and I’m so excited about how it’s turned out!

Music-wise, I’m also working on my next single ‘Rewrite The Rules’ which will be released in October. And then the next single is written and ready to be produced… there’s always something in the pipeline!

Interviewed by Katrina Yang





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