Artist Interview: “Go” by Helen

Q: Hey Helen! We are such fans of your music on Rising Artists, introduce yourself to our readers and a little bit more about you.

HELEN: Hi Rising Artists, thank you for having me here again! My name is Helen and I am an independent pop/alternative R&B artist based in the DMV area! I have been writing my own songs since I was around 14 and now I’m 23 and decided to finally chase after my dreams!


Q: Your newest single ‘Go’ is vastly different from your previous single that exposed a raw and vulnerable side of you. ‘Go’ sparks energy and the feeling of hot summery nights. Why did you decide this was going to be your next single and how was the process of writing it?

HELEN: ‘GO’ is very different from my last single ‘Forgive Me’ and there were many reasons as to why I wanted to release this song. I actually wrote ‘GO’ about 2 years ago and to be completely honest when I wrote this song I just wrote it for fun and it didn’t have a particular situation it was inspired by. Fast forward two years, I was looking through my files searching for a song to send over to the producer I’m currently working with, Jamie McArdle, and came across ‘GO’ again. While listening to this song after such long time, I couldn’t help but reflect on the person I have become and how vastly different I am from the person I was when I wrote this song. A lot has changed for me in just two years, both internally and externally, and I guess releasing this song was a way for me to officially let go of who I was then and to close that chapter of my life and to welcome in who I have become.


Q: We love your voice, its a fresh new sound thats exciting to hear in the industry. What got you first into singing?

HELEN: I have always loved singing and I think I started to do it when I was like 3 years old. Creating songs and singing is dream that has been a part of me honestly for as long as I can remember. I don’t know if there was anything in particular that sparked it but watching/hearing various artists on TV or other media platforms throughout my life definitely inspired me even more to continue to sing/write and further explore who I am as an artist.



Q: You have been releasing some music over the last few months, are you anticipating any album or EP soon?

HELEN: Releasing an EP/Album is something that definitely has crossed my mind but it’s not something I personally think I’m ready for just yet. I have been working on a few songs to just release as singles but hopefully within a year I can see myself releasing an EP.



Q: Do you write your own songs or is there a collaborator that you enjoy working with consistency?

HELEN: I do write my own songs and take part in producing them as well. With my most recent singles ‘Forgive Me’ and ‘Go’ the process has been me sending a demo of a track to the producer I work with and working on the production from there on.



Q: What is coming up next for you?

HELEN: I just wrapped up the final process of my next single ’Sugar Rush’ which can be expected to drop in September. I’m super excited for it; it’s a very fun song and I think I had the most fun writing and working on this song so I’m just excited for everyone to hear it!


Interviewed by Stephanie Pankewich




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