“I’m Not Sorry” by Darrian Gerard

It’s safe to assume that anyone creative has things they’ve worked on for years. I have notebooks upon notebooks of stories I’ve wanted to add onto but life – it happens. So it wasn’t surprising to hear that Darrian Gerard first put pen to paper and constructed “I’m Not Sorry” back in the fall of 2015. Fast forward to today, and this anthemic track that gives off summer at the Warped Tour vibes is available for all to enjoy in the present day.

Darrian Gerard can pinpoint the exact date “I’m Not Sorry” started to form because she was in a situation many can attest to. The one where you have given everything but your last breath to someone and they could pretty much care less? Yeah, that harsh reality. It’s not one we’re all proud to have lived through, but if we could all find it in ourselves to stop apologizing for doing nothing wrong like this up-and-coming singer-songwriter then perhaps we’d all be able to move on from those toxic relationships a lot smoother. 

While this song is rooted in some pretty heavy moments from Darrian Gerard’s life, she delivers it in true pop-punk fashion. It doesn’t have a dormant moment. Instead, it’s a lively song that captivates throughout and is one you can imagine yourself singing along to amid a crowd at your favorite local spot. 

Those who are fans of bands like The Academy Is and Paramore can check out “I’m Not Sorry” by Darrian Gerard, available now on all major music and streaming platforms.

Written by Kendra Beltran





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