“Another Way” by Kate Ellis

Growing up in a town where children were not always provided the best situations by their parents, I was floored by the narrative delivered in “Another Way” by Kate Ellis. Oftentimes I sit and have to get a magnifying glass out to pick apart the meaning of a song. Not this time. This somber tale presented with an Americana meets folk way is as straightforward as can be. 

Right away we are introduced to a little boy whose father is too rough. Using his hands to instill fear instead of love, the boy’s father leads his child down a path of misunderstanding. As Kate Ellis relays, this is the only way this kid has ever known. This results in a life of mistrust of others, which in turn makes it difficult to form relationships. A fact we hear Kate Ellis lament about in such a way that the heartstrings are completely undone by that point. What makes this song even sadder is when you learn it was inspired by her father. 

Kate Ellis took something close to home and crafted a song that will resonate with many around the world. I am not the only one who grew up watching adults around them miss the mark with their children. It is reminiscent of Garth Brooks’ “Thunder Rolls” in terms of subject, but more Americana in spirit. 

Kate Ellis’ “Another Way” is available now on all major music and streaming sites, and for more from Kate, check out “Bluebirds And Rye,” out August 20th.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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