“Whispers” by Sapienn

Sapienn is the solo project of Glasgow-based singer songwriter Scott Simpson. Although acoustic instruments are his comfort zone, ‘Whispers’ is an exploration of electronic sounds. Everything feels just as comfortable over top of the synths as it would over simple acoustics. The way the song settles into grooves over the arpeggiated, repeating synthesizer riffs left me with chills.

The layered 3 over 2 feel helped the more minimalistic melodies feel full and interesting without losing energy. Using syncopation isn’t the easiest thing to do without sounding technical and difficult; but here it felt comfortable and drove the piece along nicely. When paired with the warm vocals everything locked together. The cohesiveness of it all elevated the performance, really showcasing Simpson’s strengths.

Heavy electronic laced backing vocals help create an atmospheric feel. Sounds seem to fade in and out of the texture alongside the different instrumental voices. With so much going on behind the lead vocals at points it feels like controlled chaos. Whenever it does, Simpsons vocals feel more open and powerful.The lyricism through these parts tied everything together and felt awesome. 

“Whispers” sounds incredibly comfortable for Sapienn. The tasteful use of drums makes the texture feel light, and helps them stand out when present. When they back out, the repetitive chorus takes over the rhythmic support. Although voices come and go, nothing ever feels missing. The texture is full and rich through the entirety. This song is a great demonstration of the depth and artistry of Scott Simpson.

“Whispers” can be found on any major streaming service.

Written by Tyler Roberts




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