Eddz’s “Sorry” is an electrifying Indie-pop song with a compelling instrumental and great lyricism. The track is already so catchy upon first listening, with its exhilarating guitar and synths. Along with Eddz’s unique and captivating voice, the song will have your head bopping along right away. The track has the vibes of blasting music with your friends with the windows down. “Sorry” is an excellent song to dance or relax to, perfect for any occasion.

The song begins off strong, with a nostalgic instrumental reminiscent of 80s new wave. The track starts off upbeat and exciting, with the hard-hitting guitars and drums. Soon after, Edd’z distinctive and raspy voice then comes in, and his impressive range shines through: first beginning as an alto, then jumping into falsetto during the chorus. 

Along with the intoxicating instrumental and Eddz’s long-ranging voice, Edd’z lyricism shines through as well. As Eddz begins to sing, the instruments take a back seat, so that the listener can really take in what he is talking about. He begins off talking to someone, seemingly stating that he is dragging them down. Although the music is upbeat and fun, his lyrics juxtapose this. There is something so special about songs that have a deeper meaning than just a good or catchy beat. “Sorry” has both.

“Sorry” is Eddz’s debut single, but it won’t be his last. “Sorry” is perfect for lovers of synth-pop and new wave, yet also having such a fresh and modern take on it, it seems impossible for not everyone to enjoy.

Written by Melissa Cusano

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