“Soft Fall” by Darkhues

New Zealand, Auckland artist, Darkhues, is a modern spin of an electronic 80’s sound with addictive beats and playful synthesizers. The talented Hugh Smith individually plays all instruments in Darkhues’ one-person band. His talent allows for a dynamic compilation of beats in every song. The multi-instrumentalist is renowned for producing a full sound that is solemnly created by a solo artist. Darkhues has released a new album titled “Soft Fall,” encompassing a heaven-like lineup of tracks that induces dancing and deep emotion. 

The third track on the album, “Summer High,” is fun and upbeat, making it a great album. This song is scenic and imaginative. “Summer High” can be easily placed in a coming-of-age movie soundtrack. It’s fun, loving but has depth and growth to it as well. The song pairs well with another track, “Falling Walls,” a sweet, melancholy heartbreak anthem.

“Beyond the Fountain” is easily the most singable track on the album. The nature of the song makes the listener shout and dance to the lyrics.

I know of a place I will rather be. It’s down by the river. 

I know of a place where we can be free, it’s up by the mountains.

I know of a place that we can go see, It is over by the ocean

Let’s go, where we can live in harmony…”

With ear-catching and echoing intros to every song, “Soft Fall” is sure to be a hit album. And Hugh’s voice is unforgettable!! In the right hands, Darkhues can introduce an entirely new wave of retro 80’s genre to the world that adds flavors of post-punk/ darkwave electronica. This is something a new generation should get their hands on and not let go of. So please do not sleep on this new album. Instead, download “Soft Fall” and add Darkhues to your playlist!





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