“Skallywag” by Hell Beings

The UK trio that consist of guitarist Sal North, bassist Manraj Ghale and drummer Mouldy Dianas have the privilege of saying they met while soliciting in bushes. The whole story may not have been told yet, but you have to imagine it is as crazy as the music they play. “Skallywag” has produced thousands of listens making it one of Hell Beings top songs. The unique sailor vibes of “Skallywag” makes it different than other songs Hell Beings have released. The heavy grunge vocals of Sal North plus Mouldy practically breaking his sticks on the drums, brings out your inner “Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum”.

Hell Beings have been standing out in the punk scene since late 2019 when they released their first EP. They’re keeping their name out there and keeping fans engaged by continuously releasing singles. The Hell Beings is the band you want to call when you need to get the party started. Whether you’re circle jerking in a mosh pit or puking in the bathroom from too many drinks, the repetition of “Skallywag” will be planted in your head hours after you’ve heard it.

The ghost of old captain skallywag is said to have helped the trio by mastering the recording personally at Third Circle Recordings in Portslade East Sussex. “Skallywag” is in your face throughout the entire song and the video matches the aggression. The black and white music video is complimented with clips from older films that match with the vibes and syncs up well with the lyrics. “Scallywag” is a must listen to, especially when you are entering into party mode. Hell Beings are not here to back down from the punk scene, they are here to keep it alive.

“Tea is god pouring am I zen the biscuit I dunk”

Written by Jaye Maverick




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