“Colourblind” by Justine Eltakchi

To claim not to care about other’s opinions is easier said than done. Australian-based Justine Eltakchi found herself letting the people around her define who she was. On “Colourblind”, she breaks free from that to remind them to believe in her; because she is more than enough already. This anthem is the follow-up to her previous single “Demons” which came out earlier this year*. High energy and powerhouse vocals are a staple of any of Eltakchi’s works. Pairing these elements with the vulnerable lyrics, and it’s guaranteed to send a chill down your spine.

“Colourblind”s instrumental is cool and contrasts Eltakchi’s strong voice phenomenally. Although at points minimalistic, her cool vocals pushed the song along through its memorable verses and exciting chorus’. Every part of the song is unique.

 Whenever it’d reach the chorus, the constantly evolving texture would find a new way to support the lead vocals. By the third chorus, I was not only hooked but started making faces at the random people nearby me in the library.

Her lyrics and melodies are addicting. At points sounding fragile, at others empowering would be an understatement. The cool synths help push the energy without getting in the way. Similarly, whenever drums were used they would embolden what was happening around them without distracting from it.

One of my favorite parts of this track was how approachable the melody was. I didn’t need vocal training to sing any parts, but everything was still interesting. Not only that, but it allowed the emotion behind the vocals to come through stronger. I found “Colourblind” simply delightful.

“Colourblind” by Justine Eltakchi can be found on any major streaming service.

*Read about our writeup of “Demons” here – https://risingartistsblog.com/2021/06/19/demons-by-justine-eltakchi/


Written by Tyler Roberts




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