‘Tried to Give’ by Splaze

Everyone has that one relationship that’s stuck around in their mind since the break-up. It’s almost like you consciously know you should be over it, but your subconscious isn’t quite as ready to let go. It really holds you back in life. It’s been the cause of many sleepless nights, many hours lost thinking about what things were and could have been, and oh so many tears. Splaze perfectly captures the emotion of one of these break ups in his latest track ‘Tried to Give.’ This is a somber R&B tune with so much emotion behind all of it. The sound almost makes you feel as if you’re right there, just sitting down with a brain that can’t move forward.

‘Tried to Give’ slowly welcomes the audience with such a pretty opening lo-fi synth line. The vocals cut in perfectly with a smooth tone that has a wonderful twang of emotion. There’s such a somberness to the vocals, and the riffing is phenomenally done. The simple beat in the background carries the listener along as if they were floating up in the clouds. The chords built with the synths really mesh well with the energy of the track, and the slower trap sounding drum line hits just right. This track is perfect for anyone looking for their next favorite chill R&B bop.

Splaze truly created a track of longing, both musically and lyrically. It’s about longing for and missing a past lover. “I can only rest when you’ll be there for me,” one of the lines rings out. There’s this restlessness that the speaker has. They long for how life used to be with their former lover, even though that’s all in the past. The track as a whole explores a very emotional perspective. It mentions sleepless nights, overthinking, and loss of love. The specific emotion that it hits is something that’s relatable to most if not all people. It’s the culmination of feelings for the person you once thought would love you until the end.

Splaze is a pop and R&B artist straight out of Sweden. He started investing in music at a young age, singing along to music and trying to match the vocal tones of the singers. He creates tracks based on real-life experiences and emotions that deeply resonate with other people. He’s shown that he can work with a variety of sounds and genres while also keeping a signature sound that ties it all together. He’s truly an eclectic musician that has such a passion and talent for making music. He’s already displayed wonderful musicianship so early on in his music career, and he’s only going to get better. Splaze is definitely an artist to look out for in the future.

Written by Sage Plapp




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