“Blue Ferrari” by Y. Samuel

Being an artist is very rewarding, but can also be a double edged sword. On one hand, making music that you love is enjoyable, enriching, and fulfilling. On the other hand, doing what you love as a job might start off as a hobby, and you must make your way to the top. Y. Samuel’s track “Blue Ferrari” flawlessly delves into these topics, while delivering a hard-hitting beat that is impossible not to nod your head to. 

Samuel’s track “Blue Ferrari”  is perfect for fans of emo-rap, trap, and pop. The song opens up with multiple voices overlapping each other, seemingly discussing jobs they have, with one voice, in particular, saying, “Everyone else from school is working a normal job, so why aren’t you?” Y. Samuel’s genre-bending track starts off hard with a catchy tune, then his autotuned voice comes in, with lyrics that delve into topics of his hometown, jobs, and his dream of becoming a full-time artist. 

According to Y. Samuel, “Blue Ferrari” is about becoming confident and secure that his hard work will pay off. The video highlight’s his love for his city of St. Louis, while also commenting on how people from there “make a lot of comments’ ‘ once you get out to make a name for yourself. The song title “Blue Ferrari” may be referring to where he hopes his fame gets, while also appreciating the journey of getting there. Y. Samuel’s lyrics and video both highlight his feelings on working a low-paid job to becoming an artist which he’s always wanted. Director Keaton Jones (Frequent collaborator with Matt Ox and BIGBABYGUCCI) shows both sides of the journey in the music video: the video begins off with Y. Samuel working at a gas station, then juxtaposes it with something as wealthy as a blue Ferrari.

Samuel is on the come up, dropping 3 EP’s and a joint tape just this year, as well as opening up for Yung Bleu, Latto, and Gucci Mane in Kansas City. Keep a lookout for his upcoming full-length album this month!

Written by Melissa Cusano

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