“After The Renaissance Comes The Blues ” by Rose Spearman

Last month Dutch American singer Rose Spearman released her single “After The Renaissance Comes The Blues” and the musical style is beautifully done by how Spearman uses the elements of jazz and blues music to display what this piece is about.

While listening, Spearman’s vocals sound pure, mystical, curious and sharp while she sings about a love affair that has crossed racial and social boundaries in New York and Harlem. A jazzy and bluesy atmosphere can be felt in the darkness while Spearman continues to use her passionate voice to show how serious this composition is. Music has a way of impacting people’s lives and Spearman clearly displays how jazz and blues music has impacted her because the vocal performance is absolutely amazing.

The most enjoyable part is how Spearman created a song that is built on a wonderful musical structure that consists of a hazy atmosphere that is inspired by the era of mobsters and jazz clubs that created a new society. In some ways the elements of jazz and blues does set the scene of what it feels like living in a vintage world where there are different cultures and social norms.

Music is art and when you add the elements of blues and jazz music, the sound becomes everlasting because the instrumentation and sharp vocals gives an insight of what the theme is about and what kind of a musical style the artist has. Spearman shines on “After The Renaissance Comes The Blues” and I can’t wait to hear more music from her in the near future.

Written by Caitlin Stoddard

Featured Photo Credit: Sonja Tabak

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