Blues music is a genre that is filled with talented artists and bands who are not afraid to freely express themselves through the music. “Wastelands” by The Roadside Bandits Project is a high strung emotional piece that focuses on the suffering parts of our society that is affected by the neglect of the ones who have the upper hand. The Roadside Bandits Project’s main-man Santi Arribas collaborated with The King’s Pistol vocalist Julian Casewell to create a tune that is packed with bold instrumentation and vocals that are filled with strong emotions.

Arribas produced this track, the music was recorded in London’s Rear Window Studios. The single also features renowned guest musicians, such as Jamiroquai’s keyboard player Matt Johnson on electric piano, Noel Gallagher, Adele and Sting bass player Mark Neary and drummer Daniel Delgado. Guitars, synths and programming were put together by Arribas. With a solid lineup this piece sounds amazing.

While listening, the elements of the blues can be heard blaring from the speakers with great authority. The bluesy noise coming from the instrumentation brings out the seriousness of the song because each riff, key and beat contributes to the high strung feelings of despair that continuously looms in the atmosphere. Also, the vocal performance from Casewell is wonderful by how he uses his powerful vocals to share what the song is about and Casewell’s voice remains strong throughout the whole composition because he is singing in sheer passion. Through the powerful vocal performance people will understand how deep this track is. 

“Wastelands” is a great blues jam which consists of talented musicians who clashed their skills together to create this song and the lyrics are beautiful because they speak for those who are struggling in our society. If you are a fan of blues music, you will not be disappointed.

Written by Caitlin Stoddard





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