“American Dream” by Danny Wright

What I like about pop/punk music is how the vein shaking instrumentation and vocals gives a deep insight of what a song is about. “American Dream” by Danny Wright is a great example of a personal perspective of life because Wright uses music to share his feelings about the downfalls he has endured as an artist.

Right at the beginning of the song, the noise of sharp drum beats and guitar riffs blare from the speakers with great authority. The elements of pop/punk music can be heard by how every single sound from an instrument creates a solid head banging noise. Within the strong instrumentation Wright’s powerful vocals emerge from the background and the feeling of agony can be felt while Wright questions everything in his life. In someways it does feel like Wright is determined to have a better life but at the same time he loses patience because of the troubles that constantly keep popping up.

Another great part of this tune is how people can relate to what Wright is singing about. At some point I think most people do question their lives because of the constant changes life can bring and sometimes those changes can cause some people to feel lost in their lives. Also some people do look for others who are going through the same situation because some people want to know they are not the only ones struggling while life continues to throw curve balls at them. Hopefully, some people can overcome the challenges and continue to live their lives.

Wright did a fine job with “American Dream” because he shares a real life experience that has affected him and I am sure fans of the pop/punk music genre will find themselves singing along while listening to the music. I can’t wait to hear more from Wright in the near future.

Written by Caitlin Stoddard

Featured Photo Credit: Danny Wright

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