Stuck inside the seemingly inescapable pressure cooker of modern life, it often seems as though the pace of our daily existence has outstripped our mental, emotional, and spiritual capacity. “Arcane,” the new single by Swiss rock band Peacebone, expresses the ever widening chasm between our responsibilities and desire for respite. The song’s weighty subject is lifted by its raw and expressive sound, forcing you to empathize with its theme but allowing you, through it, to escape. 

There is something of a psychological quality to “Arcane,” stemming from its obsessive rhetorical mantra, growling guitar and bass, and its unrelenting soundscape that reaches deep into the recesses of your mind. With impactful lyrics and a gritty sound, the song peels back the artifice of modernity to reveal what is are ultimately timeless human experiences; anxiety, anticipation, desire, and the need for escape.

The enchanting voice of the tune’s lead singer is carried by a washed out electrical guitar, whose chromatic harmonies and writhing motifs maintain a compelling sense of tension. It is the kind of song you not only hear, but also feel in your body, a visceral sensory experience.

The music video accompanying “Arcane” elegantly builds on its theme. Unable to sleep, its restless but weary protagonist walks through a series of doors, each leading to a setting that is progressively more calm. Finally, stepping through a final door, he teleports to what can only be described as a nirvana, a spacious vista overlooking a stunning landscape, far from the noise of the city. Only then can he find the ever elusive peace that he seeks. 

“Arcane” is available on all major streaming platforms, and be sure to keep an eye out for their upcoming album, Métanoïa. 

Written by Jacob Jahiel





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