“Its Alright :)” by Kevin Walkman

It has been over a year since artist Kevin Walkman has released music but fans have something to cheer about because Walkman has dropped his long awaited track “Its Alright :).” Thanks to his loyal fanbase Walkman has gained thousands of followers on Spotify and over 60k monthly listeners. Due to his expanding fanbase Walkman was able to release a track that shows listeners how important friendship is while trying to create a better life.

While listening to the music, the instrumentation creates a musical vibe that has the elements of pop music and as a whole, the instrumentation is awesome by how the noise from each instrument contributes to the feeling of Walkman wanting to get away from his toxic ex-boyfriend. In someways the instrumentation does capture the moment of when Walkman’s friends were helping him because the catchy sound of hope could be felt through the guitar, keyboards and drums. This is a well composed tune that will have people dancing while they are listening to the music.

Also Walkman’s vocal are great due to how he sings with determination. Throughout the whole piece the strong emotions Walkman has toward his ex-boyfriend are authoritative because Walkman is telling his ex that it is over and he is moving on. Perhaps some people can relate to this piece because they had to break away from a toxic relationship so they could have a happier life with themselves and their friends. Walkman does an awesome job with singing a tune that will cause listeners to sing along.

Kevin Walkman made a home run with “Its Alright :)” and it will be exciting to see what kind of music he will be releasing in the near future.

Written by Caitlin Stoddard

Featured Photo Credit: Jake Kressly

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