“Relate” by for King & Country

Christian artists for King & Country are known for creating songs that have a way to inspire people to become better for themselves and others. Earlier this month the dynamic duo released “Relate” and the track is absolutely amazing because the lyrics are filled with rich words and the sound of the instrumentation and vocals brings more positivity to this piece.

Music has always challenged people to find a way to become a better person for others and on this composition, Joel and Luke Smallbone strongly call on people to unite with one another because we share the basic human experiences. What is enjoyable about this tune is how understanding both vocalists sound while singing the lyrics. It does feel like for King & Country are acknowledging the rough times people have faced but at the same time the duo are encouraging people to love one another during these challenging times. The calm voices both vocalists have bring truth and assurance during a desperate time of need.

As a Christian myself, loving one another is the best and only option to help spread the unity. Although I may not know what other people are going through, being kind is the nicest thing I can do to help others. Kudos to the duo for bringing up a topic that needs to be seen and heard in the world. If we all unite together, the world can be a happier place.

For King & Country have never been shy to share their thoughts and feelings through their music and on “Relate” the duo displays the importance of showing compassion to other people. This track is beautiful and surely the fans will be just as happy to hear the meaningful music.

Written by Caitlin Stoddard

Featured Photo Credit: Robby Klein

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