“Let’s Pretend” by Safiya

Jazz is one of those genres that will forever be respected because it came at a time when music was starting to evolve and highlight African Americans in a new way. It has since become a classic genre we have to seek out, but thanks to artists like Safiya, a new generation is being exposed to its wonders. Only Safiya approaches it with a worldly perspective by adding wonderful Afro-Caribbean notes throughout her latest single, “Let’s Pretend,” featuring Tynicfly. 

Together Safiya and Tynicfly created a wonderful amalgamation of sounds. When “Let’s Pretend” kicks off, you think it is going to be a jazz journey, but throughout this audible adventure, in swoops these very lively Afro-Caribbean waves that take this song to a new place audibly. It is not something one hears on a regular basis and stands out from the cascade of sort of the same few genres and styles we hear on a daily basis on mainstream radio. On top of the musical stylings, vocally, Safiya delivers an alluring performance from start to finish. 

“Let’s Pretend” would fare well on any and all stations and playlists that appreciate the art of jazz, but also celebrates music from a cultural perspective. One could also imagine Safiya performing her debut single, “Let’s Pretend,” everywhere from local venues to more artistic spaces like museums as it has this beautiful, creative air to it. 

Safiya’s fusion of jazz and Afro-Caribbean single, “Let’s Pretend,” is available now on all major music and streaming sites. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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