“Death Be Gentle (Mönchsgeier)” by Ralph Beeby & The Elephant Collective

Music allows bands and artists to become creative while crafting a song and in some instances the music inspires musicians to step out of their elements to deliver a single that consists of a story that brings a sense of darkness and weirdness. “Death Be Gentle (Mönchsgeier)” by Ralph Beeby & The Elephant Collective is a great example of what it is like to be living in a weird dark place where death constantly looms in the atmosphere.

While listening to this bluesy track, the sound the instrumentation is rich because every riff and beat contributes to high strung emotions that can be felt through Beeby’s vocal performance. In someways this track is more of a story because the noise from the slide guitar playing gives an insight of how serious things are and Beeby’s deep vocal style displays how dominate the darkness is when death arrives to take another soul away.

Another great part about this composition is the deep meaning behind the bold lyrics. This piece is centered on death and morality. The powerful vocals and instrumentation describes the story of having a conversation with the Grim Reaper and with the blazing sound of the slide guitar, the unwelcoming feeling of coldness can be felt as the sarcastic conversation with the Grim Reapers starts to unravel.

Although “Death Be Gentle (Mönchsgeier)” is a song about the moralities of death, it is rewarding to hear how Ralph Beeby & The Elephant Collective made a tune that uses the elements of blues music to express what the the song is about. I am looking forward to hear more music from Beeby & The Elephant Collective .

Written by Caitlin Stoddard

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