Artist Interview: “ With You feat. Bobby john” by Muro

Q: What is the story behind this release?

MURO: “With You” is a pop ballad by American musician and producer Muro. This uplifting song was written as a tribute to a girlfriend and all girlfriends about finally feeling comfortable knowing they are the one for you. The song features the smooth and wonderful vocals from the very talented Toronto-born singer, Bobby John. Muro has been compared to music like Chainsmokers, Zedd, Alesso, etc.

Q:  Can you tell us more about your creative process?

MURO: I write the song and vocal melody with the piano, write lyrics, transfer it all to my Pro Tools Session. Then I usually end up using the Roland to fill out the mix and then omnisphere synths and bigger drums to make it a full production.

Q:   Who are your biggest influence? And how has this person influenced
your sound?

MURO: I grew up listening to 90’s rock and singer-songwriter music, so I tend to love songs that have a great melody and really nice chords. I have ranged from pop and melodic all the way to Limp Bizkit and harder music. I love all music from pop to hard to classical, music is music.

Q: Are you currently working on something?

MURO: Always working on something new, I have another single with the amazing singer, Bobby John. Releasing the song in about 3 weeks and plan to have it live on Spotify, and working on another tune for 3 weeks after that.

Q:   When did you start getting into music in the first place/

MURO: I grew up playing clarinet and was in the All-State Orchestra and Band. I was lucky enough to spend a good amount of time around the studio as a kid so I picked up the guitar, bass, drums, keys, etc. That led to music production, and here I am.

Q:  What are some challenges you faced?

MURO: The challenges faced are innumerable. I have always loved music but the main problem with the new generation of music is that they want a full production from your house. So I went to work at Youtube university (searching youtube) to learn skills over the last 8-10 years to help the production side. The songwriting has always seemed to be there, but the new age was determined for full productions from your home studio.
Also, branding is always hard, and then marketing. Honestly, the music business is a headache, but I love music, so forward we go.

Interviewed by Katrina Yang





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