“Goodbye” by Tom Jackson

The best breakup songs are the ones that stem from personal experience. Look at Taylor Swift, yes her breakups may have ended in heartache, but her exes are the ones to thank for the fat checks she gets from making hits about them. Young musician Tom Jackson’s single “Goodbye,” is an absolute hit and a mood.

Jackson was able to take his personal experience with heartbreak and turn it into an award-worthy song. Not only does the single sound incredible, but the lyrics are also relatable and perfectly resemble how relationships are nowadays.

“And we’ve been on the phone since half-past five, and you’ve been talking ’bout some other guy. I’m dreaming that you’re here with me tonight. I told you I don’t care; well, that’s a lie.”

From the acoustic and electric guitar to the percussion, the quality of the song is impressive, especially the electric guitar riffs — specifically after the lyrics “How could I let you walk away,” and a charming and cool guitar riff is heard.

Most breakup songs can make the listener feel the emotion in the song, and it’s lovely that “Goodbye” does precisely that. The song has a mixture of rage and sadness, and you can definitely feel that from listening to it.

You can’t ignore that Jackson’s voice is similar to Shawn Mendes’s voice, and the track is the type of song Mendes would sing.
“Goodbye” is a great song many will love, and we can’t wait to hear more from Jackson.

Written by Taylor Berry

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