“Sunday Afternoon” by Mauvey

The UK, the Canadian artist, Mauvey, turns a heartbreak song into a party soundtrack! “Sunday Afternoon” is a hyped summer anthem that stirs danceable melodies with sad boy lyrics. Let’s face it, getting over someone is hard. The uncontrollable thoughts that fill the mind about a special someone can be torture. So why not listen to great music to help heal the deep sorrows that lie within? Muavey makes the crowd jump while connecting what it’s like to feel absolutely stuck on someone. He states,

“Sunday Afternoon is not just about FOMO; it’s not just about the best night out ever, it’s not just about having so much fun that you come back home on Sunday Afternoon. It’s about being so obsessed with someone that only ‘the biggest night out of all time’ will get your mind off them.” 

When listening to the song, it is easy to imagine the epic party that needs to occur to distract one from a past love. The memories of their face, the past conversations, and even how it felt to hold them (even for a brief moment) can be painful. So living it up big with friends sounds like a good solution. But come Sunday afternoon, It’s back to a heartbreaking reality. Perhaps that’s the saddest part of this lively track; there is never fully escaping those heart-wrenching, love-struck feelings. 

The R&B/Pop aesthetic to “Sunday Afternoon” fills the body with joy and hope. It is safe to say the Mauvey truly understands the nuances of the heart and love. If you are ready to let go and release the old to have a little bit of fun, download “Sunday Afternoon.” It’s a festival-dance party-heartbreak song!

Reviewed by Abeni Moreno





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